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Emerald RSL

I have the honour of being President of the Emerald RSL  – Emerald’s best kept secret. I have a great team with great plans for the future. We see ourselves as a Community Club for the people of Emerald under the Anzac umbrella.

We are open on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5pm. Our subs are $40 per annum and all citizens are welcome to join.

Our main Anzac events of the year are Anzac Day in April and Remembrance Day in November. On top of that we have the normal community days including Melbourne Cup and the AFL Grand Final. As well we have a range of social activities such as Trivia nights.

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The Kitchen

  • People used to rubbish Ikea. My experience was far from that. We enjoyed the challenge of designing our kitchen online on the Ikea website. We assembled everything and it worked out a treat. Probably saved ourselves $20,000.
  • Ikea continue to be ultra competitive and their quality is premium.
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Emerald Village Newsagency

This is where I work. A great place that we call the Heart of Emerald. I manage the shop from 4am in the morning. I get to meet a great range of early morning people.

I work for Carl and Mary Mardirian. Together with Cheryl, Daniel, Steve and Albie – we are a great team.

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Shrine of Remembrance

Yesterday we were in Melbourne for the NYE celebrations and stayed in a hotel in St Kilda Road. I have never been to the Shrine in all my years. So it was time for a visit. Well I was mightily impressed. It was an emotional journey seeing that I have forebears who fought in those world wars and also considering my participation, be it involuntary, in the Vietnam war. They have a great display.

What was of great interest to me was the comprehensive display of PEACE. Adorning the walls were quotes and pics from the Dalai Lama , Martin Luther King and others. So it was not all about shoot em up cowboys.

Well worth the visit.

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Avenue of Honour

My dream is to re-build the avenue of honour in Emerald together with a grand cenotaph listing all our forebears who lost their lives in the great wars of the world.

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Well here we are.  No, here I am. A time to reflect about the immediate past and contemplate whether I want to improve my actions, behaviour and how the world perceives me. My resolution is to start writing down (here) my thoughts about what comes into my head. I have decided to start meditation every day from this week. So there will be heaps to talk about. I also want to start writing so this is a starting point. Here we go. Whoops, here I go.

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